Private Investigation

Then things happen that seem suspicious or mistrustful, further investigation of the facts and evidence is needed, to find the truth. Our experienced, professional investigators help and support you on this.

Investigation typically includes investigating legal cases related to business, fraud investigation, trading scams and personal matters.

Before you decide to hire a private investigator, you must carefully consider and select to be sure that you can get the result that you want and that you can handle the results as well.

Normally, when you hire a private investigator, it needs to be clear what the scope and the timeframe is of the project. This needs to be clear for both parties and, of course, what is the expected result of the case. Expectations on both sides are important. For instance: when does a customer expect a status update (report), during the case or only after the case. Also, when, and how to communicate during the execution of the case. These kinds of topics are important to discuss before starting.

Our expert investigators are well-equipped in carrying out your specific tasks with professionalism and sensitivity; whether private, corporate, scam or fraud investigation.

Focus Group International works strictly confidential and discreet. Information and results about the cases will never send to third parties or used in public without a written permission from the customer. We remove all the end results from our servers 60 days after the case is closed.

With our 35 years up experience we handled thousands of cases. With our structured way of working and our professionalism we achieved a success rate so far of 100% during the years. Our cases are being executed around the globe.

We work always on a fixed price base. In other words: we discuss before every case the charges are fixed. No hidden charges extra.  Of course, when the scope of the case is changing while executing the case, any financial consequences will be discussed.

Curious what our professional investigators can do for you? Just call 085 – 8800 378 or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.