Real Estate

The real estate market is, around the globe, a kind of wild-west world. Everyone think that they can sell property easy. But, honestly spoken, the real estate market is a serious market. With serious issues: financials, title deeds, agreements, land office etc. Not only that: when foreign people are interested in buying property, it is our obligation to inform about the challenges of buying and owning property in Thailand.

Our real estate department works very close with land offices, municipalities, and lawyers to make sure that, when a customer would like to buy property of build something, everything is organized as good as possible. Our people will support the customer always during the buying process but also after that.

 Focus Group International offers a variety of properties around the kingdom. (link to listing). In case you would like to sell your property, contact us at

Besides just the sales of real estate we offer Real Estate Management. Rentals for instance: no headache for the landlord, we arrange it all. Payments, maintenance etc.

Curious what we can offer you? Just call 085 – 8800 378 or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Focus Group Trade
Focus Group Trade