Visa consultancy

When foreigners visit Thailand for a holiday trip and they are citizen of a specific country, they don’t need to apply for a visa. They are able to enter the Kingdom without visa and will get an exemption stamp in their passport. This stamp shows the date that the foreigner needs to leave the country or apply for an extension at the local Immigration Office.

It is a complete different story when foreigners come to Thailand with business purposes or just to live.

For those people, there a different kinds of (long-stay) visas available. We mention 3:

  • Business visa
  • Retirement visa
  • Marriage visa

We explain in short:

The Business visa is for those foreigners who come to Thailand to set up a business and to work here. The Business visa normally goes along with a work-permit.

For those foreigners who are 50 years or older, Thailand offers the possibility to retire in the Kingdom. In that case, you can apply for a Retirement visa. Conditions apply.

When you are married with a Thai lady, it is possible to live in Thailand with a so-called Marriage visa. Conditions apply.

Please be aware that Thailand is very strict with the departure stamp. Every day that people are late with departing the Kingdom will be fined with THB 500 per day. Overstay is an official offence and can result also in a ban of a specific period.

The consultants of Focus Group International are experienced with visa issues and can advise and guide you through the visa process.

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